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Homeopathy is one such method of treatment which is very safe, easy and cheap. it’s easy to learn.

Below we have described the symptoms of all diseases of the human body and their homeopathic medicines in Hindi.

नीचे हमने मानव शरीर की सभी बीमारियों के लक्षणों और उनकी होम्योपैथिक दवाओं का हिंदी में वर्णन किया है।


बीमारी के दिमागी लक्षण।


रोगों में वृद्धि के अनुसार दवाइयां।


बीमारी में सुधार के लक्षण देखते हुए दवा।


बीमारी का क्या कारण है। इसके अनुसार दवाइयां।


रोगों के सहवर्ती लक्षण

Location Body part

शरीर के किस हिस्से में रोग है के अनुसार दवा।


रोगों की अनुभूति के अनुसार दवाइयां।


सम्पूर्ण शरीर के विविध लक्षणों के अनुसार उपचार।

Disease wise Chapters

Medicines for all diseases of the body.

How to use Homeopathic medicines

How to use medicines?

In acute or new form of any disease, medicines of 3x to 6x order are used at intervals of 2 to 8 hours. The medicine is also given in the emergency form of the disease at intervals of 5 to 10 minutes. Biochemic medicine can be sucked with plain or lukewarm water or mixed in it or by putting the medicine directly in the mouth. Whereas homeopathic medicine is given by dropping it directly on the tongue or by mixing some medicines in lukewarm water. In chronic form, the medicine is used in the order of 12x to 200x. Nowadays, mixes of biochemical medicines are also available which range from serial number 1 to 28. Mulches and lotions are used to apply on the outside skin. To make lotion, 15-20 grains of 3x potency medicine or tablet mixed with one liter of hot water is used to wash the wound. 9 parts vasalin or glycerin are added to one part medicine to make mulham.


The special thing is that the low the medicine, the more the power of the medicine, the more the power to deliver increases. .

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